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Thread: Tired Of It

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    ^^^^For some unknown reasons, it seems to happen more with Chrome than with Firefox.
    Tried using just uBlock Origin and Firefox, this morning, and had 0 ads popping up.
    Go figure what Google does.
    Also, I don't know why, but my Moderator scripts gets automatically blocked with every Chrome update.
    Think i'm gonna ditch Chrome for good, as I also noticed that it takes over 4GB of RAM (I have 8GB of RAM/DDR3 on my laptops).
    It's not good anymore.

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    A few weeks of cooler weather with some rain, coupled with it being time for babies has resulted in an spider population explosion. They're everywhere.
    Entering my shop for the first time in 2 weeks Monday I swam through cobwebs, and noticed lots of little spider kids among the webs. I got a broom and swept the webs away, further noticing a ton of spiders now on the broom. Throwing the broom outside I sat on my stool in the shop, saw a blur, then my eyes focused on a tiny spider letting himself down on a dragline 6 inches in front of my face. I have many unexplained itchy bumps on me, those little bastardos.

    Fortunately these spiders around everywhere are the not venomous or not very venomous kinds, or I'd be in serious trouble along with everyone else.
    We do have brown recluses and lots of black widows here, but the black widows are very shy and you can predict where they are, and the recluses are, well, reclusive.
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    carry a knife in case you wake up wrapped in spider silk, like
    a Bond enchilada.

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