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Thread: Happy July 4th!!!

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    I overheard a conversation between a couple of Historians at our University a few years back, all about the American war of independance that I will never forget.
    The general theme from the one guy was that the British forces had won almost all of the battles but that Cornwallis lost the big confrontation.
    He was being really pompus about the whole thing.

    Another Professor who hadn't contributed until then pointed out that it doesn't matter who wins the heats as long as you win the final.

    Enjoy your Independance day festivities - the British are definitely not coming back; taking one ass kicking per millenium is more than enough for us thank you very much!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BondJmsBond View Post
    Our city has decided to, instead of 1 big fireworks display that many people would drive to, split it into 4 smaller displays in different places...
    they should have gone with some sort of light show = very high visibility

    and some years later, a few lightyears away, an alien will close their
    curtains in disgust at the flashing glare.


    But yes, hope our USA members have a nice and safe day.
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    Happy 4th of July USA


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