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Thread: What are you eating for Dinner?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BondJmsBond View Post
    ^ I have a deep and abiding love for BK double cheeseburgers.

    Having googled how to resurrect 2-year old like-a-rock brown sugar, and it worked great, I'm going to make chocolate and butterscotch chip cookies. A bunch of 'em
    That's sounds good. Unfortunately I can never figure out how to get away with eating a regular chocolate and butterscotch cookie...yet.

    P.S. I usually get the smaller bacon cheeseburgers but the guy must have misheard me, and i ended up with 5 doubles.

    I didn't realize it until after I paid and left. I had the two, Hubby had one and I bought the last 2 home for the kid.

    I've never met a kid yet that would turn down two burgers. He nuked them, put condiments on them and had them both gone in a minute or two.
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