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Thread: Welcome Home Bailey & Bella

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    Welcome Home Bailey & Bella

    We adopted two 6 month old lab puppies Bailey-black/Bella -brown that were rescued by a local woman who went to South Carolina right after Hurricane Florence and brought back 10 dogs who were going to be euthanized. These two were abandoned in a cage, in a garage "puppy mill" and left to drown. They were rescued and brought to a local S.C. shelter that was so overrun by abandoned animals they were to be euthanized. All 10 dogs she brought back were seen by the vet at our shelter up here and adopted out So these two little girls have joined the family.

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    My last 3 Dobies have all been rescues/rehomes so I know what it means to take on the job: well done for giving the girls a chance.

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    Look at those pretty babies.
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