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Thread: The Good News Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Misrule View Post
    Ah, Valhalla going up in flames. Redemption is at hand. But what comes after the Gods have gone?
    It's to early for names,our next elections for the Bundestag are 2021.But a few will throwing their hat in the ring.

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    Dick Morris was a political strategist who helped Bill Clinton win the Presidency, then was fired for allowing a prostitute to listen in on a conversation between him and the President

    He then appeared to become a Republican. He supported Romney and predicted a landslide victory for him, and had a political prediction failure award named after him when Obama won.
    He became a harsh critic of the Clintons, writing several critical books about them, and had said he would leave the country if Hillary became President.
    He was on Fox news around 2012, then was fired for not showing up.

    He does short youtube opinion videos, which are informative, knowledgeable and entertaining if you discount his bias against the Clintons and Liberals.

    anyway, this is one of his latest videos, continuing with the premise of an article which prompted me to begin this thread in early 2013:

    Here is what Dick said today about this:

    Good News!

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