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Thread: The Good News Thread

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    Falcon Heavy Launch Today

    It's neat seeing those boosters land back on Earth, also there's now a Tesla with a dummy in it cruising around space.
    Reminds me of the time we spent billions so some guys could hit golf balls and drive a car around on the moon

    A cool SpaceX animation of the launch:

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    not sure i can relate to some moneyed mogul launching a dummy piloted vehicle into the wild, dark yonder

    as of 2016, there were 17852 trackable man-made objects in orbit around the earth, most of which was junk from previous launches (ship parts, obsolete satellites, et cetera) - it's estimated there are over 170million items of debris or obstacles hanging around in near orbit

    and now we cavalierly send a car hurtling out there

    every day, we get a news article about how our own planet is fucked because we didn't consider the effect of chemicals on the ozone layer, or plastics in the seas, or the lack of proper recycling

    a car in space sounds like the folly of a brainless tool to me

    maybe, at some stage in our future, we might have to fend off a catastrophic planetary event caused by a statue, launched from the distant planet of wooblesphere, of their benevolent king on rollerskates
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    Quote Originally Posted by sp88 View Post
    a car in space sounds like the folly of a brainless tool to me
    It's not hard to figure out where he got the idea...

    Sometimes my downloads require the use of Jdownloader 1 with Click 'n' Load or Jdownloader 2...

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