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Thread: The Good News Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by defrabbit View Post
    growing tropical plants

    At least the monkeys and insects would have smiles on their faces

    I've grown both indoors and out with mixed results. I stopped because I lived with the fear (it's illegal here unless you have a medical grower's license) that a cop would have to come into my house for some reason, and if growing outside all your neighbors can smell it after it buds out. It was certainly financially worth it, but I hated that ever-present nagging worry and deemed it not worth it. Mostly I can't risk getting busted while responsible for my mother.

    I'm waiting for New Mexico to decriminalize personal use and growth of at least some plants. We're a pretty Liberal state in the forefront of causes - our governor has just now withdrawn National Guard troops from the border, defying Trump, for instance -

    - but we're lagging behind in the legalizing pot thing.
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