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Thread: The Good News Thread

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    Congrats on that man

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    a relief to read that it is not something serious

    and in the interests of good taste, we shall refrain from theorising
    that the lump is midway between your shoulders and has hair on
    top of it.

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    My family has lived here for 60 years. 2 miles away is the airport/Air Force base.

    We have noticed that leading up to any war/conflict there are days and sometimes weeks of intense fighter aircraft traffic through the base. This was true for the 1st gulf war and the second, Libya, etc. We always knew, and it always affected us.

    Today I was in a lady's basement draining and repairing a water heater. I began to hear what were obviously fighters flying over for landing at the base. Over and over, it sounded like many of them.
    I got outside and saw an F-35 going over, the first I've seen here.
    I though Oh Shit we really are going to war with Iran. On the way home my phone rang and it was Mom, saying "Here we go again." I told her it's going to be ok.

    I got home, got online, and found the Thunderbirds are here for an air show May 18th. An F-35 is here for the show too. Mom was amazingly relieved to hear it.


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