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    Is anyone familiar with this host?
    I'm downloading a 3-part file, the 1st two went ok, now on the third file bigfile is telling me Content can't be played, and it wants me to sign up for a 'free' account.
    I'd rather not do this.
    My question is, I queued up the last part dl right after finishing the 2nd, is it a time thing and I'll be able to dl it after a wait, or is it that way for good and I'll have to sign up or give up on the movie? *It's now been 3 hours and the terms and conditions link on the site will not load.
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    I don't know honestly.... the only time I tried one of the links, I got a malware warning so I didn't bother trying again.

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    ^ What she said.
    My HEVC/H.265/x265 videos can be played with either VLC or MPC-HC

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    I have been getting files ok in JDownloader#2. Occasionally 1 will peter out & I'll have to start it again from scratch.
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