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Thread: Tired Of It

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    Quote Originally Posted by Misrule View Post
    keep the area ventilated as the fumes are not good for you.
    if i might offer an alternative course of action ......

    "i know enough to know what's instantly forgettable"

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    I've been sparing you guys, but the stuff with my Mom goes on and on. It's incredible.
    For example, here are the events of the last 3 days:

    Phone rings: "Hello this is Presbyterian hospital, we have your mother here after she had a reaction to her insulin at the rehab, she is isolated due to positive covid test, and should be released back to rehab on Sunday."

    Today - Sunday: "Hi this is your mothers' case manager, do you know she insists on coming home even though she is unable to get out of bed? Do you have home care set up for her?"

    No, I don't, and I can't do it either. She has covid; tested positive for it on the 11th, 2 days ago. You cannot get home care for covid positive people at this point. Can't afford it anyway.
    Mom has a phone in her room there so I can actually speak to her.

    I call Mom in her hospital room. It did not go well. She tried to use lies about her condition and threats against me to make me be her home care nurse.
    As a lifelong smoker I really don't want covid, and I'm not a home care nurse and simply cannot do that stuff. The conversation went on as you can imagine.
    She will go back to rehab, but not the one she was in; there is only 1 place in town that will take covid positive patients.

    Dodged a bullet for now.
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