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Thread: Everything Football (Soccer for you Americans)

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    After watching the first half of the match between Netherlands and Sweden it was clear for me that the team who will make the first goal will win the game or it has to go into penalty shooting.
    I don't would put my money on the Netherlands for the final.

    BTW It was announced that all 18 home games from Bayern Munich for the next season are already sold out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arbiec View Post
    and they have a points system for tickets to watch better matches so you have to watch the less exciting games in order to get enough points to see the Manchester Citys and Liverpool type of games.
    So you're paying for games you don't want to see, just to be able to pay for the ones that you do want to watch..?

    That seems fair.
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    i see alex morgan has played the sexism card over the criticism she has been receiving for her goal celebrations

    i'd be more concerned about the ..... ahem, over-exuberance during the thailand match, but i'm never one to agree with throwing out accusations of some ism or other in an attempt to embarrass people into silence

    this one will run and run .....

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