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Thread: Tweet, Tweet, Wtf?

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    Tweet, Tweet, Wtf?

    I was woken up early this morning, about an hour before I normally wake up. Due to the high humidity we have our windows open, and for a few seconds I thought World War Three had broken out. There was a terrible screeching, and a sort of grating wailing. To say it was uncomfortably loud would be an understatement. It took a while for my sleepy brain to comprehend this racket, and to then sort through it and find something familiar. Seagulls! The noise was being made by the Seagulls, all of them in the locality it would seem. Now, they are noisy birds by nature, but this was something I had never heard. It was like all of them had gone cuckoo all at the same time. It went on for about ten minutes then abruptly stopped.

    I got up and did a little investigating, but nothing seemed out of place or different, in fact they now seemed back to their normal behaviour.

    Could it have been a predator? Hardly likely, because as far as I know there isn't much that can handle them. Golden Eagles fly here, some of the biggest found globally, but it is well known the Seagull's can fend them off. Foxes tend to stay clear of the shoreline, and there is nothing else that could really bother them. So why the hell were they that worked up?

    It seems I have a mystery that I am unlikely to solve. Not a situation I enjoy ...........................

    Jag. (Maybe they all laid an egg at the same time ..................... )
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    Probably a source of food was available and they were squabbling to get their beaks into it. Shoal of fish, somethinig washed up on the beach.

    OR, Toxic wasn't wearing a nightgown and one of them got a peek and it went viral...

    OR, one of them noticed your window was opened and decided to wake you up - for a laugh, you know. Like

    Ooooh, eeee, chirpy-chirpy, tweet tweet

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    Quote Originally Posted by Misrule View Post

    OR, Toxic wasn't wearing a nightgown and one of them got a peek and it went viral...
    tweet tweet

    Been there done that, made the video.

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    thew answer is.....

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