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Thread: The Witching Hour .........

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    The Witching Hour .........

    It's ten past Midnight and you are walking home through the woods, as you have done many times before. The darkness does not alarm you, another four minutes of walking and you will be able to see the lights of the town. Home .... sanctuary. Just as the thought makews you smile you get a sudden and irrational feeling that you are being watched. You can't remember this happening before, so you berate yourself for this moment of foolishness. Just as your inner laughter begins to rise you become aware of another feeling, a much darrker and primal emotion. You begin to sense that you might be being followed. You quickly stop and turn around, peering anxiously into the darkness. There seems to be nothing there, no sign or sound of anything at all, save your own breathing. You turn around, and shaking your head at your own stupidity walk on. It is then that every hair on your neck stands up. You notice your heartbeat quickening, your breath shortening. The blood pounds at your temples and you have the overwhelming urge to run. But what if something runs after you? What if it is faster than you? You try to get a grip on your out of control emotions, but it is too late, your legs are already running, and from behind you hear the unmistakeable sound of something running after you. You can hardly breathe, your heart is running in your chest like a freight train. Just when you want to cry out loud you burst from the woods into the lights of the town. You stop halfway down mainstreet, and look back towards the woods. There is nothing there. You are simply surrounded by the lights of the town, and your own fear and imagination.

    .......................... The Witching Hour.

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    on the subject of irrationality and imagination, i will share this quite personal tale with you from 2-3 years ago ....

    in an area i used to live, there was a mid-sized supermarket some 15-20 minutes walk away - one evening, not so dark or anything like that, i was walking back from the shop having stepped out for milk or somesuch, when i was overcome by a completely irrational but very real feeling that, at any moment, a car was going to drive past me and gunfire was going to rip into me

    obviously, that wasn't going to happen - it was a nice suburban region and i'm not the kind of person to have enemies - and, for the record, no chemical intake whatsoever was involved

    but i simply could not shake the feeling - with every car that passed, i was steeling myself for oncoming pain and steadily working my way into a wild panic - by the time i arrived back at the flat, i was virtually in tears and certainly shaking

    i have never experienced anything like it before or since

    imagination is a truly amazing, powerful, sometimes scary thing
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    Never experienced anything like that, but I do admit to getting spooked on occasion. Usually, almost always in fact it's because of something I saw in a film. I hate having to get up during the night to go pee because I just know my mind will go to that scene from "The Sixth Sense" where the woman is standing in the kitchen with her wrists cut screaming "look what you made me do"!
    I honestly almost freeze and try to walk (run) back up the stairs with my back against the wall. Not an easy task.
    It makes no sense, I know it isn't real, still......
    And now I've frightened myself recalling it all....again.

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