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Thread: Evening Falls .........

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    Evening Falls .........

    It's been a long, hot day. Although the heat has been tolerable, the humidity has been very high. Finn the Hound thought the high humidity was a very shitty deal, so we placed his bed by an open window that gets some breeze from the ocean. Within a few minutes he felt comfortable and soon dozsed off. Meanwhile I started hunting around for rechargeable batteries. I seem to need the damn things for everything I use these days. Having charged my new electric toothbrush I decided to give it a try. No wonder some women use them as cheap vibrators! Jeeze ... this thing has a life of it's own. Never really used one before, but I concluded it did a fine job of polishing up the old gnashers. Made my mouth feel much cleaner than a regular toothbrush, which kind of surprised me.

    Toxic and I sat down and had a nice dinner together, then settled back to watch some television. Caught up on an episode of "American Pickers" then followed it with the latest episode of "Wayward Pines." It was during this that I noticed Finn was using my feet as a pillow. He looked a lot more comfortable. I'll open the bedroom window tonight and put his bed under it so he can keep cool.

    Charged up the batteries for our cameras and camcorders, then had to try and remember where the hell I had stored all the memory cards. Found them then had to go through the somewhat tedious task of checking to see if they had anything on them. Noticed at this time that our hard drives are almost at saturation point. Time to put some of our stuff on DVD's to save a little space. Toxic usually does that so I can avoid the PC.

    Then ...... logged into Broken. Couldn't help wondering how the donations were going. Made a post or two about that, and sincerely hoped that enough people would contribute so that the old hangout could remain in place. Impressed with "Lagerlout's" contributions, so thanked a few of his posts. He really should be on my friends list. Tried to insult Foamy, but calling a pervert a pervert really doesn't go anywhere. Wondered if during their evening meal the Wildwester's fed each other from their forks and .... okay .. I'd better keep the rest of that to myself ........

    Now I figure I might play a game for an hour or two as it still feels a little too humid to climb into, or even onto the bed.

    So, what did YOU do with your evening?

    Jag. (Hot stuff in the midnight hour .... )
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    I will be cooking some steaks on the grill and then chill on the deck and watch the fireworks which they launch from a barge out in the the neighbors put up a pretty comparable show all weekend long. There must be several hundred boats out there already and it's still 1 1/2 hours until show time. Lots of things to look at on the beach.

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    Worked until half five. Went to the pub... A few drinks on and I walked home along the river. Will carry on listening to an audiobook. With some music intervals.

    My microwave blew fuses last week so my diet isn't getting any better.
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    tennis ... whisky ... fifa15 ... bed ... pills ... bed ...
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    Have played Warthunder online the whole evening and have killed tons of ice.
    Then i have watched Roadhouse with Patrick Swayze in TV.Still a great movie.
    Went to bed at 1 am and it was still hot.Open windows brought nothing.

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    Other than what Jag already said about eating dinner, watching some tv, and marveling at Finny the amazing wonder hound?

    I did the cooking, the cleaning, the laundry etc. Always a joyous occasion. (sarcastic smirk)
    Then went upstairs and listened to an audio book as I did my nails. (fascinating, I know)
    Opened the window wide, but like Toto I couldn't feel that much difference.
    Switched to my book on my tablet and read until I almost dropped it as I was falling asleep.
    I will spare you all the details of my dreams.

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