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Thread: I need help.

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    Hmmmm, just copy and paste of the BB code works for me.

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    The BB code at the broken image host provides a clickable thumbnail that takes you to the imagehost to view the picture.
    The method I posted above posts the original image in the post.

    So it appears as:

    Instead of:

    Both options have their uses, depending on what you are trying to achieve

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    What the fuck is a PC?

    Will it help me count my large bag of Marbles?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brianwp View Post
    Ain't that the truth. So anyway, here I am, and I tried to post some stuff from my i-phone, but I could not. I went to the Broken Downloader thingy, and downloaded some photos from my pictures on my phone, and then they all came up with all the codes, but no info on how to copy them and transfer them to the place I wanted to put them. do you do that?

    I have a PC here, but I hang out in my shop at night and do everything on my i-phone. My original old computer is gone, more about that later. So anyway...somebody walk me through this, please. We have a lot of catching up to do. I appreciate it.

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    Hi mate. long time no see/hear

    Hope you are well

    There is an iPhone app called 'Tapatalk' which is designed for forums. Have a read of it on Google before you install though

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