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Thread: Major League Baseball

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    Quote Originally Posted by BondJmsBond View Post
    Honestly I don't know. This was investigated once back then, and it was investigated this year when the Yankees said we were cheating and both times MLB found nothing.

    Of course that doesn't mean it didn't happen but I find it strange that Mike Fiers didn't have a problem with it while he was an Astro
    and suddenly "grew a conscience" now that he isn't (and went to a rival AL West team) and 3 "anonymous sources" are meaningless to me.

    There aren't any whistleblower protections in MLB so put your name on it if you accuse someone of something.
    If they are players and/or managers, they are afraid (and rightfully so) that this could ruin their careers.
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    I think they'd come up with a better way to relay to the batter, like use the 1st or 3rd base coaches to signal, or have someone in the outfield stands hold up a big sign or something. Banging on a trash can or whatever is just dumb and obvious.

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