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Thread: The Weather Channel

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    57F right now and the front door is open for a while to get some fresh air in, and let the cats peek out/in through the screen door.

    It's not quite there today but the rest of the week looks good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by M118LR View Post
    buckshot sized sleet coming down at the perfect face stinging angle!
    I feel that I've seen some Wayans brother movie where he uses a
    bullet made of ice to assassinate someone [and leave no evidence].

    Quote Originally Posted by BondJmsBond View Post
    It's 36 and snowing in flarking Houston, with a hard freeze warning. All my old friends are shivering in fur parkas right now, and they run waterpipes through attics there because it never freezes. Good time to be a plumber there.
    yes, but how many of them have health insurance which covers the
    risk of frostbitten plumber's crack?

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