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Thread: Texas hypocrites (Revisited)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenny View Post
    Austin seems nice. My daughter has friends that live there.
    Only visited there from San Antonio a half dozen times or so but you have to admire a city whose unofficial slogan is "Keep Austin Weird".

    Quote Originally Posted by baddfingerz View Post
    I wish you weren't so provocative, Frosty. Just had to check him out, ruin my lunch.
    You know he has to be a pretty big asshole when the people on his own side can't even stand him.
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    Texas is a shit magnet with lousy leadership. Ted flies off to Cancun during the worst snowstorm in their recent history when millions are without power and food.

    Then to top of his stupidity he throws his kids under the bus.

    -20c in Texas, who'd a thunk it!!!

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