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Thread: A conversation with (and about) Jesus

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    they say christians have no sense of humour ...... actually, there are probably very few people that say that but it makes this post funnier if i pretend it's a thing

    in 2009, a christian conference was entertained by a comedian whose routine consisted of delivering a realistic sounding sermon about where his life had gone wrong and how he'd gotten through his catalogue of flaws and failures

    the audience laughed in all the right places, often quite uproariously - the comedian's line about being "not used to being laughed at, you know?" particularly brought the house down

    sadly, the audience hadn't been told about the change in running order, and that the comedian that they expected onstage next had been bumped until later that day to be replaced by genuine tennessee preacher john piper

    piper, who was bravely baring his proverbial soul in front of the 8000 strong crowd, was met with howls of laughter, and could not understand why - as piper described his troubles, saying "tho they make you laugh, they make me cry, so you've got to stop laughing like that", nobody seemed to click

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