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Thread: To Jenny With Love

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    I have been quite busy of late and to see this news is heart breaking. Jen and I met, so to speak, in 2009. When MrsABC nominated me for Moderator, Jen was right there help. Always kind, I took many ques from her, and had soooooo many wonderful conversations over the years with her. She was a mentor, a teacher, a Mom, and our friend. When I came back here, after a too long absence, Jen was one the first people I sought out, and all the years seemed to melt away. You could not help but love her.

    I will always be glad I came back in time to speak with her again. And I will miss her terribly. We all will.

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    My lateness at doing this wasn't for lack of respect, but simply the inability to articulate what I want to say. (I've tried this a dozen times and deleted it every time)
    I can babble on for an hour about mindless things but can't seem to find the words when it's something important.

    Between you and our other missing friend, 2020 sure came in with a series of non-stop gut punches and I'll curse this year forever for it.
    The atheist in me believes that when we die, we just wink out, making the time we have here even more precious, but in your case...I hope I'm so terribly wrong about this.
    You've been my therapist, friend & confidant over the years and I doubt I'll ever find another great friend like you.

    Love, Michelle
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