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Thread: Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

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    Our latest report from the Emerald Isle reveals that climate change is real and it is NOW. St Patrick's Day passed off (fairly) peacefully, but the weather was turned on its head - blue skies and sunshine; mostly dry. Huh? On Paddy's Day??? Must be a dream. Standard weather for Paddy's Day is gale, cold, wet and miserable enough to dissuade all the paraders, bands, dancers, etc. from even bothering to go outside; but to stay in the pub instead.

    However, the rugby was also turned on its head - we got stuffed by Wales the day before.

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    The general feeling amongst the group I was with was that Ireland did us a favour in order to make sure England didn't sneak over the line (although glorious Scotland almost sunk the English ship once and for all this year)

    Anyone that thinks that this weekends performance is a reflection of the quality of the Irish team are in for a real shock at the World cup this year.

    Wales will see you in the final!

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