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Thread: Are You Broken? (Coronavirus Version)

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    Hey, everyone is up to date with all their PPE and cleaning supplies, TP & paper goods, right..?

    I have a sneaking suspicion that round two is a serious possibility.

    I don't go ANYWHERE without a mask.

    I laid down an absolute ultimatum with the kid. Outside and some distance, take the fucking thing off.

    Inside: Mask up. I don't get another chance, he's it (and I told him that)

    If I lost him, I'd never be the same again.

    Thank [insert deity here] for him being over 12 so he's been double vaccinated. (Pfizer)
    My HEVC/H.265/x265 videos can be played with either VLC or MPC-HC

    Does anybody know how the story really goes, how the story really goes, or do we all just hum along..?

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    It amazes us over here that basic things like masks can become politicised and wrapped up in identity issues. Viruses are equal opportunity predators - they'll infect anyone they can. We are still laying low - not quite as low as before, but not much different.
    Next week will be our first big outing (to see family) in almost 18 months. Bit scary, that. Close family are careful, we know that. Some of the relations and friends? Not so.
    Masks it will be indoors whether they like it or not.

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    I got to have a shot,
    cause what you got is oh so sweet,
    you got to make it hot,
    like a boomerang I need a repeat.

    Gimme all your lovin',
    all your hugs and kisses too,
    gimme all your lovin',
    just had my pfizer shot #2.

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