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Thread: g.o.t. from Season 1

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    g.o.t. from Season 1

    Game of Thrones

    Haven't seen it, I've just begun watching it from the beginning, so here will be crap you saw 8 years ago, plus stale observations undoubtedly made years ago too. Feel free to ignore the thread - I like to do this for epic stuff, as this apparently is, as writing and sharing about it here helps me get more out of it, and I can ask for explanations of parts I don't get. I'll try to be funny but that's hit or miss.

    I'm 9 min. in the 1st episode, dumbass 'get back on your horse' commander already got everybody killed by...wth was that? A big guy? A little crazy eyed girl? yikes
    Now the lone survivor makes his way to I guess Winterfell, which, upon first glimpse, bears a resemblance to Orbit City - I could almost hear Jetson's music in the background

    ok lemme get back to it.

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