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Thread: g.o.t. from Season 1

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    He'll be dead before anyone ever gets those 2 final books
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    "I swear I didn't know that .45 was loaded...
    In fact my memory ain't too clear...
    That's not to say she didn't get what she deserved...
    Least that's the way it looked from here..."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frosty View Post
    He'll be dead before anyone ever gets those 2 final books
    I just looked at a pic of him hes's what 71? He looks old for that.

    s02ep07 A Man Without Honor - Wonder who they're talking about, hell it could be like 50 guys. Or girls.

    Jon can't kill that wildling girl. I hope he doesn't pay for that. They just slept unprotected in the frozen North w/o a fire, but they don't look cold.
    I've seen these actors with steam breath, so they filmed it in the cold but they never seem to show the effects of the cold. How do they do that?
    Damn she just led Jon into getting captured.
    Dammit Jaime just escaped. Shit. Oh good, they caught him.lool

    Cersei gets all misty, lamenting the fact her family and Joffrey are inbred monsters. Little late for that.

    Oh and the Man Without Honor is Jaime. Good choice.

    cliffhanger at the end, looks like Catelyn gon' remove Jaimes' head for him, but I bet she doesn't. We'll see next episode!

    fun stuff

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