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    the memories of roaming though peoples files looking for anything with a honest file name. Limewire is shit now, 0 out of 10

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    P2P sharing has pretty much gone the way of the dinosaur these days it seems.... most of what is left is crap.

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    I have a guilty pleasure, so to speak. I load up my 23000 or so porn files and log onto one of the so-called erotic rooms on the DC++ network. I stay there for a few minutes. For the room to go frenzy with queuing. Then I log off. The Moby Dick that disappeared under the waves.

    Torrents have a hegemonic place in the world of p2p these days.
    *Bzz* *Bzz* *Red lights flashing* WARNING! WARNING! filejoker and k2crap posting subroutine corrupted. Unable to create 5mb split archives for optimal cash flow.
    Reverting to suboptimal emergency procedures. 1fichier and uptobox identified as credible backups.

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