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    string 'em up

    the uk abolished the death penalty in 1965, following a sequence of contentious cases that left the public wondering whether the punishment was fitting the crime, and were the right authorities fit and capable of deciding this - even some cases of innocent parties being incorrectly hanged had happened, most notably timothy evans

    recent times have seen calls for the death penalty to be reintroduced, with some internet campaigns and signature gathering petitions claiming that some 60+ percent of the public want it's return (polls taken in the 70s were even higher at around 70 percent)

    so what do you guys think?

    is it time for the death penalty to make a return to uk legislation - what arguments, either for or against, would you put forward to oppose or promote it?

    obviously, we can't go back to the days of the 19th century, when hanging was seen as a just punishment for such crimes as "theft of any object worth more than 12 pence", "being in the company of gypsies for 1 month" or "strong evidence of malice in a child aged 7–14"

    but we do have certain criminals in this country, convicted of multiple crimes, who will never be eligible for release, either through length of sentence or judicial recommendation, who will be housed at the country's expense for life

    is the death penalty a viable alternative to jailing these offenders?

    should the uk have the moral right, as a christian country where church and state are bound together, to even impose the death penalty?
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